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November 25, 2012
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You looked down at your shaking hands, numb to the searing cold whirling around you. You bring them up to your face, breathing as much warm air on them as you could, before stuffing them in your pockets.

You kept walking.

Trudging through the snow in a blind saunter, hoping to see a sign of life.

The Devil himself you would have been glad to see.

You came to a tree and slumped down against the unforgiving ice built up on the bark, tired, at your breaking point, but unwilling to give up. You lift your gaze to the gray mass of spiraling snow and darkness, unaware of the cold penetrating your thin clothing.

Your eyes glaze over, and a lone tear tracks a hot line on your cheek.

"What did I do wrong?" you ask to the approaching darkness. You see a figure evolve in the distance, coming closer until his familiar form appears in front of you. He leans down and reaches out to wipe the tear off your face, but turns it to ice instead.

"I...Ivan? Is it really you?" You look into the violet orbs, searching for a sign of life, but only see sadness. He takes your hand, lifting you up into an embrace. You listen for a heartbeat, but hear none. As you lay your head across his chest you feel nothing but the ice and snow he has become a part of.

"I did this to protect you."

The wind howls, and your head snaps up as your eyes hunt his features once more.

"But I love you! Don't you understand? I wanted you to stay; I wanted us to be together! I didn't care if we were hunted, the only thing I wanted to live for was you." you scream, the heat rising into the air as you pant to catch your breath.

The man drops his head and presses his lips into yours, folding his arms around you in an everlasting embrace. You feel the ice coursing through his veins, and his lips, blue and freezing.

"Join me, and our love will last forever."

You nod your head in compliance gently brush your lips against his.

"Follow me," he whispers, no steam rising from his breath.

"Ok," you say, no steam rising from yours either.
This was...random. I was listening to the song "Broken Inside" and this was born!
Here's the link to the song>> [link]


Poor Ivan. Us fan girls love you!
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I would probably be dead the second my skin icy wind met my skin. *lives in state that's the farthest south* :hmm:
Oh no! That's ok though, Ivan would save you ^-^
Yush. Yush he would. :meow:
ytang1234 Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I live in Florida too :D
:iconsexyrussiaplz: :iconsaysplz:Спасибо!
(thank you!)
MurderScreamer Nov 26, 2012  Professional General Artist
:3 this is so epic~ <3~~ I love this ^^ It showes loyalty
Why thank you! And yes, loyalty is a defining quality of this story :3
ArtisticallyLiterate Nov 25, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Aw...I was willing to die for him...
You're so faithful! I was too :'(
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